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The Essence of MANDALAs
  • The word Mandala is from Sanskrit which means, circle

  • It is the spiritual and religious symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the Universe

  • A Mandala represents: Wholesomeness; A cosmic diagram signifying our relation to the infinity as well as within our bodies and minds

  • Mandalas generally have one identifiable Centre point, from which emanates an array of symbols, shapes and forms

  • The circle depicts the womb of creation while the mandalas are simple geometric shapes which are made from uniform divisions of the circle. The Mandalas have been used since long in the spiritual practice of meditating on the nature of creation and life. The geometric designs in the mandalas are filled with layers of meaning. The circle is the basic shape of the sacred geometry and it is considered as the gateway between earthly realm and the divine.

MANDALA as an Art:

Mandala Art aids in transforming normal minds to enlightened ones. It helps in silencing thoughts, enhancing focus, combating anxiety and to create a stronger association with the self. Concisely, MANDALA ART is said to be the Art of Wellbeing.

MANDALA as an Art:

  • The sacred symbols of Mandalas are used for prayer, healing, meditation and Art therapy for both children and adults

  • Mandalas are known for lowering the blood pressure

  • They reduce stress and ease depression

  • Mandalas also promote sound sleep

  • Mandalas transmit positive energy into the environment and also to the people who view them.

Mandala Workshop:

At the Mandala Workshop, one creates an artistic product that embodies the whole self, such as creating Mandalas while focusing on positive emotions instead of focusing on traumatic events. The thought of Mandala helps improve psychological and physical health by promoting a positive effect.


Thus, creating this work aids in opening up receptivity in the psyche for the development of strengths and resources that is vital for healthy living.

What is the Purpose of Sacred Geometry? (Advance course)

The Mandala is a tool to accelerate your spiritual awakening; in fact, creating the geometry mandalas is an art of awareness in itself. The Mandalas are created by one circle at a time which becomes the catalyst for spiritual growth and personal development. Each Mandala is started with the intention of its basic function and purpose which is represented by the geometry structure and the number combinations. Within the Mandala art, the person discovers that the principles from all the spiritual traditions can be easily accessed. When you have a sacred geometry mandala around you, you will automatically tune to principles it radiates

What will you find within the sacred geometry mandalas? (advance course)

  • Colour therapy and language of shapes

  • The power of now/ present moment awareness

  • Law of attraction

  • Attention and intention

  • Quantum spirituality

  • Genesis and creation

You are welcome to respond and ask any more questions you have regarding Sacred Geometry…

Detailed course structure will be shared upon showing the interest.

COURSE - 1 (Basic Level)

1. Pattern Marking

2. Basic Mandala

3. Scientific significance about Mandala

4. Mandala with Pen

5.Mandala With Color

Duration - 6 - 8hrs (upto 2hrs/day)

Days will be upon mutual convenience on prior

COURSE - 2 (Advance Level)

1. Advance Pattern Marking

2. Advance Mandala

3. Scientific significance about Mandala

4. In depth theory about the Mandala origin and its function

5. Mandala With Pen

6. Mandala With Colors

7. Mandala with Sacred Symbol.

8. Basic sacred geometry Mandala

Duration - 6 - 8hrs (upto 2hrs/day)

Days will be upon mutual convenience on prior

one to one session.

Tools Required to Make a Mandala






Colors Pens

Black Pilot Pen

A3 watercolor Sheet 2 nos

Watercolors if possible or brushpens

Print outs of the reference docs attatched . each of 3 sheets

At the end of the course the students will be well versed in creating their own signature Mandala, Which dictates special meaning behind creating the same respectively.

Age group : 12yrs above

MODE OF LANGUAGE : English/Tamil/Telugu/Hindi

MODE OF LEARNING :The classes will be hosted via whats app/zoom which ever is convenient for the student.

DATE/TIME : This will be discussed and finalized prior to the acceptance and registration.

Contact details : +91 8826167875

Workshop Images


At the end of the course, the students will be well versed in creating their own signature Mandala, which dictates the special meaning behind creating the same respectively. To know more about the courses, please get in touch!

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