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The thirst for difference, novelty, and inspiration drew me to Mandala Arts. Varaaz Art is my initiative, where I help art aspirants seek and look into deeper perspectives of Mandala Art. My creations of mandala are hand-drawn and hand-painted.

Being an artist, the connotation and magnitude seemed completely unique in this category of art. As this form of art deals with human psychology, I found more enthusiasm and positive vibe while working on my paintings.
Mandalas are Indian Mythological concepts and linked to the cosmic energy which makes a strong source of energy and aids in relieving stress. With every work you create, change perceptions and Relive life with a fresh note!

Today, I have completed  150 plus creations. Mandala Art is therapeutic in nature. I acquire a soul-filling satisfaction with the art form as it personally connects the life dots, reflects the mind of the creator, and is highly meditative. The year 2015 was a turning point for me as I completed a course in Fine Arts BFA from Bharati Kala Kendra, Lucknow, and exhibited my work at IPA Gallery, Gurgaon.

No. of group exhibitions – 3
Solo Exhibition  -1

Varaaz Art is an initiative of Artist. Varalakshmi Bharanidharan who is an experienced Mandala Artist and seeks the deeper perspectives of Mandala Art. She helps the learner explore new areas of thinking and creativity.

A Mandala represents wholeness, a cosmic diagram reminding us of our relation to infinity, extending beyond and within our bodies and minds. Each shape, color has its meaning & significance in a Mandala. There, at Varaaz Art, we believe every individual can create a Mandala of their own that represents their meaning to life. Mandala is a perspective of an individual. Drawing a Mandala is therapeutic and we can sure use Mandala Art for treating mental health. Here’s a detailed article from Times of India  on “Using Mandalas for Mental Health


  • Certified Mandala Artist with 300  completed Mandalas at True North Arts.

  • Certified Life Coach in Art Therapy

  • Special Recognitions in the international district clubs

  • Solo Art show – ‘Parikarshana’ – 33 unique Mandala Works

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