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Artist Bio


My Inspiration :
“Peace” so un-materialistic in nature but every living being
strives to achieve it, in one or other form, I always had a craze
to do things differently and this inspired my interest in Mandala

Around Five years of experience and completing a course in
Fine Arts BFA from Bharati Kala Kendra, Lucknow in the year
2015, there is no looking back, today I have three hundred
creations to my credit and have rich expertise in Conceptual
mandala arts. All my creation are hand drawn, hand painted
and mostly pen, pencil and canvas works, with some
monochromatic Mandalas in the same series with water colour
and pen.

Why I choose Mandala Art ?

I love art and wanted to stand unique and give a strong
message through my work and nothing better than Conceptual
Mandala arts could have been my choice. the connotation and
magnitude seemed completely unique in this category of art. As
this form of art deals with human psychology. I found more
enthusiastic and positive vibe while Working on my paintings.

VARA PHOTO_edited_edited.jpg
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