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"Embark on a journey of self-discovery with VARAAZART and explore your inner creative power through the beauty of Mandalas!"

“Mandala creation is controlled art stimulation.”

“Active imagination is an act of symbolic expression.”

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Welcome to Varalakshmi's Mandala Art Sanctuary, a space where you can explore the transformative power of mandala art combined with sacred geometry. Delve into the world of healing, self-discovery, and meditation as you embark on a journey with our seasoned mandala artist, Varalakshmi.

“Mandala creation is controlled art stimulation.”

“Active imagination is an act of symbolic expression.”

IN SIMPLE TERMS, Mandalas help in…

  • Self-awareness

  • Self-expression

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Self Assessment

  • Therapeutic Healing

"Varaaz Arts" it is a combination of first two letters from my name and "Raaz" a Hindi word meaning secrets. There are hidden secrets in all my art work. I love displaying my art at Varaaz arts, the best way to post my Conceptual  Mandala arts on a bigger scale for the art lovers to take a peek & pick one which touches their heart the most, I also
undertake customisation of my Conceptual Mandala arts work, in accordance to your taste, many interior designers and art lovers have showed interest in my art work and I
stand to full fill their requirement


to check students work


With over a decade of experience in the world of mandala art, I have honed my skills to create intricate masterpieces that connect the Mind, Body, and Soul. Her expertise in combining Mandalas with Sacred Geometry art has made her a sought-after artist and healer. In her practice, I infuse my creations with positive energy and intention, guiding others to find inner peace and balance through her art.



There is a lot more than just circles in mandala Art and no limit to one's own
imagination, I have been working on the Geometric circle art for past many years and
continue working on the same theme which helps me focusing inward.
It is in my nature to gain more knowledge, and curiosity to do something unique, I have
started working and digging more details on scared geometry and trying to link it with
Conceptual Mandala art, a process which I found meditative and highly meaningful.
However, The expression of the happening around me came into my Conceptual
Mandala art.
My Personal Experience's and a deep insight into conceptual Mandala Art is the result
of what I am today as an Artist & Art Therapist, it is my personal belief that what ever
understanding & positive vibes I have achieved and experienced should be passed on
to every human being, I take this as a God's gift and my social responsibility towards
humanity and love to share my knowledge on Conceptual Mandala art by training and



The art of Mandala is intended to uplift the mind to an enlightened level. Though Mandala is a universal constant, it is also an act of faith and an integral part of the personal vision quest.

Understanding the nature of Mandalas is the key to the learning ritual as a universal process. Humans have been inspired by nature from the beginning and that is how any art is created. It is the expression of their thoughts. Mandala is an expression of Human thought that includes the elements of Nature and the Universe as a whole.

Drawing a Mandala can look very difficult at the beginning because of the intricate shapes and the detailing. But, it all comes from a rhythm within. It is in the process of creating a Mandala that you have to focus rather than the output. 

The purpose of drawing a Mandala is to Heal oneself. During the process, a person’s mental focus is shifted from physical suffering to the art of magnifying the sacred thoughts of peaceful forces. When your body, mind & soul together is when you can create your Mandala. 

This journey of Mandala Art creation aids in transforming normal minds to enlightened ones and helps in silencing thoughts, enhancing focus, combating anxiety, and to create a stronger association with the self. Your Mandala will represent the force you have within yourself. 


Creating an artistic product that embodies the whole self, such as creating a Mandala helps in focusing on positive emotions instead of focusing on traumatic events. Our courses explain the significance of the shapes & colors with the combination of music. These courses help train your brain to create your very own “Signature Mandala”.

Equilibrial Embryo .JPG


Introducing conceptualized Mandala Calendar! The Mandalas in this calendarare designed by the wording mentioned and they are said to be effective.Some mandalas are designed with the help of a mythological concept.

Mandala Calendar is now available for sale.
Call now to get one for yourself!

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